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Storm Static Sleep out now!

We are delighted to announce that Jack Chuter’s brilliant Storm Static Sleep: A Pathway Through Post Rock is out now in all good book stores, record stores, online and through the Function Store

Despite the genre’s ever growing popularity and the devotion of its audience, post-rock’s origins and history are either largely unspoken of or are recalled in such a way that many of the subtle connections and influences that made post-rock what it is today are left in the dark. ‘Storm Static Sleep’ is the first book that has ever been solely dedicated to telling the full history of the genre’s musical and semantic origin.

In the process of telling this history, author Jack Chuter recalls and interrogates the various bands and influencers that drove others to question the limits of their songwriting, while talking to both the artists that renounced the post-rock label and the journalists and writers that championed it.

‘Storm Static Sleep’ Chuter features over thirty first-hand interviews with some of the most influential names in post-rock including the likes of Mogwai, Tortoise, Steve Albini, Mono, Isis, Slint, Sunn O))), This Will Destroy You, Disco Inferno, Piano Magic, Constellation Records as well as writer Simon Reynolds, the main proliferator of the term ‘post-rock’ itself.

The book is available at all good local bookstores & online at the following locations:

Function Books
Norman Records

…and if you want to listen to a curated playlist whilst you read the book then just pop over to Spotify and follow Storm Static Sleep here.

Some of the interviews will appear in full as Podcasts over the coming weeks and the first featuring Jack and Dave Grubbs of Gastr Del Sol is available now at Soundcloud.

Jack has also been busy talking about his book to various publications, and the The Vinyl Factory, has a nice feature on depicting the evolution of Post Rock in 12 releases.

Thanks and enjoy!